Benefits of outsourcing with Bahamas Logistic.

 Local and international companies operating in the Bahamas chose to cut cost by outsourcing storage and handling services, integrated with inventory management solutions.





New data centre within a well tested disaster recovery facility. 

Colocation, dedicated suites and private cages. 

Connectivity from both carriers.

Storage Solutions for Business

Bahamas Logistic provides special storage solutions to more than 25 different companies operating in the Bahamas. From local succesful consolidated groups to multinational large corporations, all benefit from the 8 different service packages offered at high levels.

MPLS for truly dedicated "point-to-point" connections

Clients of the new Data Centre at BLC can benefit from the latest MPLS platform and DIA connection, with excellent redundancy from both providers at very competitive rates.


Vaulting and Rotating of Back-up Digital Tapes because DISASTERS HAPPEN!

Offsite data backups require specific vault storage in the most up to date storage vaults for your media.   Bahamas Logistic will harbor your material meticulously and offers tape rotation strategies to businesses for their most important media.   The professional offsite storage provided by BLC is the most secure and convenient way of avoiding any unforeseen disaster or data loss.